Season Underway

Casco Bay Arena’s seventh season is underway after making some compressor repairs. We understand that wearing masks is not enjoyable, but we want to make sure that our kids can keep playing hockey and parents can keep watching them. With this goal in mind, we ask everyone to strictly follow our Covid-19 guidelines and masking requirement for coaches, parents and spectators. Thankfully, there is no present masking requirement for players while on the ice.

Casco Bay Arena Updated COVID-19 Protocol, Mandates, and Guidelines for Arena Users

All coaches, players, spectators, and team representatives are required to wear face coverings when inside all areas of Casco Bay Arena.  We will follow the CBHA, MEAHA, and MPA rules regarding masks for players while they are on the ice.  Presently, MEAHA and MPA rules are allowing players to skate without masks.  CBHA requires masks for younger players at all rinks. If those rules change, CBA will adopt and follow the CBHA, MEAHA, and MPA rules as they are updated.  Coaches also must wear face coverings at all times in all areas of the arena, and CBA also adopts any CBHA, MEAHA or MPA rules regarding masking for coaches while on the ice during practices and on the benches during games.  In other words, if CBHA, MEAHA, or MPA rules mandate masking for coaches on the ice and/or benches, CBA mandates it as well.  All scorers must wear face coverings while in all areas of the arena, including on the ice or at the scorer’s table.  Referee masking rules adopted by MEAHA or MPA are adopted and followed at CBA.

CBA is currently allowing spectators in all areas of the arena BUT mask use for all spectators in MANDATORY given the current state of COVID-19 spread.  We expect that all spectators will self-police, but our staff and LiveBarn allow us to monitor and change course if masking rules are flouted – including closing access to spectators.  We do NOT want to prevent family and friends from watching games and practices live since hockey is best when viewed live.  But we want to create a safe environment for all, including, most importantly, our young players, many of whom are not yet vaccinated.


We ask all spectators to keep the lobby clear before and after games to provide access to teams entering the arena, and those exiting the arena after practices or games.  Please do not congregate in the lobby since our space is tight, and having people stacked up in small spaces, even with masks, is not recommended based on the current surge in COVID infections.

Locker Rooms:

Casco Bay Arena has 4 locker rooms for use for players to get their equipment on and off only.  The following are strict, mandatory rules for locker room use:

  • Everyone in the locker room (players and coaches) must wear a mask except to put on helmets before and ice time, and to take off helmets post-practice/game. 
  • Prior to a game or practice the coach can quickly discuss his or her plan with the team in the locker room, but the coach MUST wear his/her mask at all times and the players need to wear their masks (sitting in the locker room with just a helmet on is not acceptable).
  • A player’s face covering/ mask must be on from the time he/she enters the locker room until he/she leaves the arena after a practice or game.
  • Post-game or practice, the locker room is not to be used by coaches to do white board talks, break down the game/practice, etc., as this can be done outside the rink or inside the rink.  Everyone must wear a mask while inside the rink.
  • The home and away bench areas, the benches surrounding the perimeter of the rink, and the viewing stands across from the benches can be used by players to get dressed or undressed (helmet, gloves, and maybe uppers) before or after ice times.  Face masks must also be worn at all times in the rink area if these areas are used for getting dressed/undressed.

On Ice Activities: Casco Bay Arena expects all associations/groups using CBA to adhere to each association’s specific guidelines for on-ice practices or games (e.g. Coaches’ use of mask on ice or on the bench).  Here are some CBA-specific rules:


  • To the extent any CBA tenant or group uses CBA ice time for games, CBA requires that all mandates and guidelines from the local association or group, MEAHA, MPA, or USAHockey.

Positive COVID Test?

Testing positive or entering into quarantine after participating in activities at Casco Bay Arena requires notification to Casco Bay Arena via or phone/text 207-632-9886 so that CBA can take whatever steps are necessary to notify others of possible exposure.

Feeling sick?  Please stay home.

Casco Bay Arena will follow the guidance of the Maine CDC regarding notification and contact tracing.  Our intention is to be as candid and forthcoming as possible while respecting the privacy of every user of CBA.

Last updated 11/23/2021

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