Pond Hockey


One of our goals is to capture the joy of pond hockey at our new Arena. Many college and professional coaches bemoan the lack of creativity in today’s players and tie it to the lack of unstructured, free-flowing hockey traditionally found in games of shinny hockey.

Throughout the season, we will be hosting pond hockey and pick-up hockey sessions during unrented hours.  We believe these programs will not only assist our players in developing critical skills, but will also be a lot of fun.

Pond Hockey Rules

Pond Hockey is played without goalies and with standard pond hockey goals.  In all sessions, players 18 years old and younger must wear a helmet with full mask.  Adults must wear a helmet, but are strongly encouraged to wear a full mask.

For pond hockey sessions, Pee Wee players and older do not need to wear full pads, but a protective cup and shin pads are strongly recommended since saucer passes are allowed (ie soft passes off the ice).  Hard passes off the ice are not allowed, but deflections should be expected by all players.  Protect your anatomy accordingly.  However, Squirt players and younger must wear full equipment.

Pick-up Hockey Rules

Pick-up Hockey sessions will be held far less frequently and mostly be confined to older players.  Pick-up Hockey is standard full-ice  hockey with full pads and goalies.   We will always play non-checking and will usually play 4 v 4 to encourage puck handling and offensive creativity.

Again, players 18 years old and younger must wear a helmet with full mask.  All adults must wear a helmet and are strongly encouraged to wear a full mask.

Age Groups

All sessions are coed and non-checking.  Players may play up or down a level for any sessions.  For instance, a Midget can play in a Bantam session, and a Pee Wee can also play in a Bantam session. Older players should recognize that it is good form to set up younger players for scoring opportunities.  Please remember that all  games are non-checking.