2014-15 U12 Girls
Casco Bay 2014-15 U12 Girls New England Championship Team

Although almost all of our available ice has been booked, both Casco Bay Hockey Association and the high school programs may have open ice available for rental.  Open hours are listed in the Open Ice Report.

In addition to the hours listed in the Open Ice Report, the daily 9 pm hour at the Arena has been scheduled for adult pick-up hockey, but may be utilized for rental by outside groups.  Non-holiday, weekday hours before 2 pm are also available for rental, and multi-hour (3+ hours) rentals during the weekday may be eligible for price discounts.  To rent the 9 pm hour or weekday, non-holiday hours, please contact us at

If we do not have available hours, ice may be available at the Family Ice Center next door to the Arena.  Click on Family Ice Center Open Ice Report to review  available ice.