Junior Varsity League


Will Landry presents the Wakelin Cup to his teammates

Casco Bay Arena will be hosting Junior Varsity League games again this season.  We have expanded the league to 14 teams and will publishing our game schedule shortly.  T

The cost for 12 games will be $1,490 per team for ice time only.  We anticipate we will directly schedule referees and the referee cost per school will be approximately $750-$800.  Per a prior agreement among athletic directors, the home team will be responsible for providing a trainer and scorekeeper/timer for each game.

Games will be held every Friday night starting December 2nd and ending February 24th due to MPA rules.  Teams will be allowed to request black-out dates prior to game scheduling.

Every week, four games will be scheduled for Friday night, one game will be scheduled for Saturday night, and two teams will have byes to accommodate blackout dates.  Teams will also play at least one additional game over Christmas vacation and two playoff games during February vacation.

In consultation with coaches, teams will be divided into two divisions to ensure competitive balance.  The upper division will play for the Casavant Memorial Cup and the lower division will play for the Wakelin Cup.  During the season, teams may be moved up or down a division to ensure parity and competitive games.

Falmouth with 2015-16 Casavant Cup