Arena logo


The Arena is owned and managed by Casco Bay Arena, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to:

  • Meet the demand for ice time by the Casco Bay Hockey Association, non-profit youth hockey programs, and girls and boys school hockey programs at an affordable price.
  • Expand youth hockey opportunities for girls and boys in the local area.
  • Ensure that youth hockey is available and accessible to all by strengthening and supporting non-profit hockey programs.

The Directors and Officers of Casco Bay Arena, Inc. are:

  • John Veilleux, President
  • Thomas Marjerison, Vice-President & Past-President
  • Sarah Kramlich, Treasurer
  • Kevin Kaserman, Secretary
  • Matt Lambert, President of Casco Bay Hockey Associations
  • Mike Geoghan
  • Scott Matusovich
  • Eric Turgeon

The Arena is managed and overseen by Josh Brainerd of Family Ice Center.

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