Arena logo


The Arena is owned and managed by Casco Bay Arena, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to:

  • Meet the demand for ice time by the Casco Bay Hockey Association, non-profit youth hockey programs, and girls and boys school hockey programs at an affordable price.
  • Expand youth hockey opportunities for girls and boys in the local area.
  • Ensure that youth hockey is available and accessible to all by strengthening and supporting non-profit hockey programs.

The Directors and Officers of Casco Bay Arena, Inc. are:

  • John Veilleux, President
  • Thomas Marjerison, Vice-President
  • Dayton Benway, Treasurer
  • Marco Giancotti, Secretary
  • Kevin Kaserman
  • Wes McCauley
  • Fran Norris
  • Mark Tracy

Green Initiative

Our players and their families are committed to  energy efficiency and  environmental sustainability.  Casco Bay Arena will have LED lighting and a 72kW solar photovoltaic energy system to provide an estimated 85,104 kW hours of electricity per year for the Arena.  Due to the lack of active conditioning of the rink area, our arena will be the most energy-efficient ice arena in the State of Maine



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