2015-16 Break the Ice players

Is the Arena an outdoor rink?

The Arena is  an unconditioned rink.  The Arena is mostly enclosed with steel walls, but the corners are covered with wind mesh to allow air flow.  The temperature inside the Arena will be approximately the same as the outside temperature, however, there is a two-story warm viewing area.

Is the Arena refrigerated?

Yes, the Arena has a full chiller and refrigeration system.

Will the ice melt if there is a stretch of warm weather?

No.  The arena’s refrigeration system is designed to handle stretches of warm weather.  Last year, we maintained ice despite sustained temperatures over 60 degrees.  These types of rinks have been operated for over 60 years and traditionally ice is installed by the end of October and taken out in late March.

It is important to remember that the NHL held an outdoor game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and the only issue was the effect of direct sunlight on the ice surface.  Our roof takes care of that issue.

When was the Arena Built?

The Arena was started in the fall of 2014 in completed in 2015.

When was the first game at the Arena?

The first game was held on October 23, 2015.  The U14 Girls battled the PeeWee A Boys and emerged with a 5-3 win.  Board Member and NHL Referee Wes McCauley officiated the opening game.

Why is the Arena so cold?

Due to budget constraints, limited demand for ice time during the shoulder seasons, and our desire to avoid competition with Family Ice Center and Travis Roy Arena, an unconditioned Arena design, similar to the original rinks at Phillips Andover and Holderness, was selected.  This design avoided the need for HVAC systems, which allowed the Arena to be built for approximately half the cost of a conditioned ice rink, and  also reduced long-term operating costs. The cold conditions also give our teams a distinct home ice advantage.  We like to think our players are a bit tougher than everyone else.

Why doesn’t the Arena have showers in the locker rooms?

Cost.  Casco Bay Arena was built on a shoestring budget underwritten by the families of Casco Bay players.  The rink is also intended for youth players who don’t usually take showers, and honestly, most hockey rink showers are pretty disgusting.

Why isn’t  there more seating at the Arena?

Again, cost.  If we expanded the seating capacity, we would have needed to put in a very expensive fire sprinkler system.  We also think it is more fun to have a small, packed rink with fans up against the glass.

Does the Arena have a Public Address System?

No. Under our lease with the Town of Falmouth we are not allowed to have a PA system.

Can I rent ice?

Yes, for more information go to our Ice Rental Page.