Formation of Casco Bay Athletic Club

AAU CrestWe are pleased to announce the formation of the Casco Bay Athletic Club, Inc. (CBAC) and its membership in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

CBAC is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable athletic opportunities at Casco Bay Arena and the AAU is the largest amateur athletic organization in the United States.  Together, we plan on offering a number of sports at Casco Bay Arena during the off-season.

Initially, CBAC will be offering box lacrosse at Casco Bay Arena, but we will be expanding to other sports shortly.  CBAC will be independent of Casco Bay Hockey Association, but we will be running our programs on the same time-tested, non-profit model.

24414646592_c31d05cf05_o (2).jpg

AAU membership will allow our players the opportunity to play in regional and national tournaments in a variety of sports and will also provide players and coaches with training, supplemental accident insurance, $10 million in liability insurance and a variety of other benefits.

We will be holding an organizational meeting at Family Ice Center on Sunday, February 28th at 7 pm.  All parents interested in coaching or assisting in the organization of CBAC should plan on attending.  Similar to Casco Bay Hockey, CBAC will cover all registration and training costs for coaches, administrators and referees, but will also offer a 50% discount on registration fees for coaches’ children.

During the week of March 28th, we will have free Try Box Lacrosse sessions for all AAU members.  For more information about box lacrosse programs at Casco Bay Arena, please go to



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