Upcoming Pick-up & Pond Hockey Sessions

Ice Breaker Cup Post-Game Group Photo
Ice Breaker Cup Post-Game Group Photo

Every Sunday, we will post a list of the Pick-up & Pond Hockey sessions for the next two weeks. The cost for each session is $10 or two CBCard punches, but for Coaches & Parents, all sessions from October 25th-November 2nd are free to introduce everyone to the program.

To receive weekly, up-to-date listings of Pick-up & Pond Hockey Sessions, please go to our Home Page, enter your email on the right side bar, and click on the Follow button.  You will receive a weekly email listing the sessions.

To sign up, please click on the session you want, and fill in your name and team.  Please list your cell phone & email if you would like notifications of any changes.

Signing up on-line will guarantee you a spot on the ice.  Players may still drop in without signing up on-line, but our maximum numbers will be adhered to strictly. On-line sign-ups will close 45 minutes prior to the session.

If you fail to appear for a session, you must still pay the next time you visit the Arena.  A failure to pay will result in your name appearing on the “Wall of Shame” and you will not be allowed to sign-up for future ice sessions until the debt is paid.

For Coach & Parent sessions, any donors to the Arena are also welcome to play.  All adult players must sign a Release, Defense & Indemnity Agreement–Adult Player for the season prior to playing.  We will keep that document on file at the Arena so that you only need to sign it once.

All sessions are restricted to players registered with USA Hockey.

The following is our Pick-up and Pond Hockey Schedule for the next two weeks:

Week of October 25-November 1

 Youth Sessions

Adult Sesssions (All Adult Sessions are Free this Week)

Week of November 2-8, 2015

WARNING:  In the email sent from Casco Bay Hockey, there are some errors in the links to the sign-up sheets for the week of November 2nd.  Please always sign up using the links on this website to get the latest schedule.

Youth Sessions

Adult Sessions 

The Difference Between Pick-up & Pond Hockey

There are two types of open hockey sessions at the Casco Bay Arena.  In all sessions, players 18 years old and younger must wear a helmet with full mask.  Adults must wear a helmet, but are strongly encouraged to wear a full mask.

Pick-up Hockey is standard full-ice  hockey with full pads and goalies.   We will always play non-checking and will usually play 4 v 4 to encourage puck handling and offensive creativity.

Pond Hockey is played without goalies and with standard pond hockey goals in a cross-ice format.  Teams of up to 6 players will be formed and we will play 3 v 3 or 2 v 2 depending on the number of players at the session.

For pond hockey sessions, players do not need to wear full pads, but a protective cup and shin pads are strongly recommended since saucer passes are allowed (ie soft passes off the ice).  Hard passes off the ice are not allowed, but deflections should be expected by all players.  Protect your anatomy accordingly.

As with all sessions, players 18 years old and younger must wear a helmet with full mask, and adults must wear a helmet, but are strongly encouraged to wear a full mask.

Girls Sessions and Age Groups

Girls may sign up and play in any session including High School Boys Sessions.  All sessions are coed with the exception of Girls Only and our Monday night Womens’ sessions.  However, if needed, any boy may play goalie in a Girls session.

Players may play up or down a year for any sessions.  For instance, a ’00 Midget can play in a Bantam session, and an ’03 Pee Wee can play in a Bantam session.  Please remember that all  games are non-checking.

Pre-Season 4 v 4 Program and Training Camps

During the week of October 26th, Casco Bay Hockey Association is also holding  two sessions of High School Boys 4 v 4 games.  To sign up go to Pre-Season Registration.

During the weeks of November 2nd and November 9th, Casco Bay Hockey Association is holding a separate High School Boys Pre-Season Camp.  This is a separate program, and will run five days per week with 1.5 hour skill session on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and 4 v 4 games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  To sign up for the Pre-Season Training Camp, please go to Pre-Season Registration.

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