Final Pledges Needed to Complete Construction

The Casco Bay Arena was recently featured in a Portland Press Article by Mark Emmert, which can be found at:

We are in the final stages of the financing process and need to show our lenders that there is support for the Arena.  We need to secure $150,000 in pledges for donations to make the Arena a reality.

You do not need to give any money at this time.  We just need a pledge that will you donate a specific amount by December 1st.

The speed with which this project has been proposed, planned and approved is unprecedented.  If we want the Arena to be operational for the 2014-15 season, we need to reach this pledge goal.  Please consider making a pledge today.

To pledge money, please respond to the comment box below.  In the comment box, please state the amount of your pledge and how you would like the pledge to be recognized.  If you have any questions regarding pledges or fundraising, please contact Marco Giancotti at

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