Our 8th Season

It is hard to believe that Casco Bay Arena is starting its 8th season. The first game at Casco Bay Arena was held on October 23, 2015 and was officiated by NHL Referee Wes McCauley who was one of the founding members of the Arena’s Board of Directors.

Before the Arena was built, this site held the remnants of an old outdoor hockey rink that had fallen into disrepair.  However, over a one-year period, the area was transformed.

Unlike many Arena projects that are underwritten by a large benefactor or institution, the Arena was funded by Casco Bay Hockey and the families of its past and present players who recognized the value of our program.  The names of the Founding Donors are listed on plaques at the Arena.

List of Donors

Please support the past, present and future players of Casco Bay Hockey by contributing to its ongoing Capital Campaign for improvements a the arena. For alumni families, please recognize your players’ great memories of Casco Bay Hockey. For present players, please consider the number of games and practices that you would not have, but for the construction of Casco Bay Arena. Finally, for everyone, please keep non-profit hockey alive and well for future players.

Please Click Here to Support Casco Bay Arena.

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