Be Like Patrice

It is finally here. The ice is in and Casco Bay Arena is open.

If Patrice Bergeron can play in the Stanley Cup Finals with a collapsed lung, we can play wearing masks. Be like Patrice. Don’t whine.

Please support us in our commitment to the safety and well-being of our hockey families. Strictly following the COVID-19 protocols and ensuring that all players are masked is a demonstration of our respect for the game and and our commitment to keeping our players on the ice. The alternative is a life without hockey, which is too terrible to contemplate.

It will be the same game, but with a mask

Our COVID-19 protocols follow all Maine CDC guidelines and are set forth below:

Casco Bay Arena COVID-19 Protocol, Mandates, and Guidelines for Arena Users

All coaches and team representatives are required to wear face coverings when inside all areas of Casco Bay Arena.  Players must wear face coverings at all times in all areas of the arena, including while on the ice and on the benches or penalty box areas.  Coaches also must wear face coverings at all times in all areas of the arena, including on the ice during practices and on the benches during games.  All scorers and officials must wear face coverings while in all areas of the arena, including on the ice or at the scorer’s table.

All practices and games at CBA must adhere to the 2020-2021 MPA  Ice Hockey Bulletin (updated 11/30/2020) And the MPA Ice Hockey Committee Return to Participation mandates and requirements for distancing, mask wearing, hand and respiratory hygiene, screening, and the general ice hockey considerations set forth in the Return to Participation mandates.

Under current group gathering guidelines, there will be no spectators allowed inside all areas of Casco Bay Arena. This may be updated if there are changes in state guidelines.  Players should plan on arriving at the rink dressed to play, with the exception of skates, helmets, and gloves.  

Locker Rooms –  Casco Bay Arena has 4 locker rooms for use for players to get their final equipment on and off only.  The locker room doors will be removed or locked in the open position.  The following are strict, mandatory rules for locker room use:

  • Players can use locker rooms to get final equipment on or off, not to congregate, receive coaching, etc.
  • Everyone in the locker room (players and coaches) must wear a mask. 
  • Prior to a game or practice the coach can quickly discuss his or her plan with the team in the locker room, but the coach MUST wear his/her mask at all times and the players need to wear their masks (sitting in the locker room with just a helmet on is not acceptable).
  • A player’s face covering/ mask must be on from the time he/she enters the arena until he/she leaves the arena after a practice or game.
  • Post-game or practice, the locker room is not to be used by coaches to do white board talks, break down the game/practice, etc., as this can be done outside the rink or inside the rink in a space large enough for at least 6-foot social distancing.  Everyone must wear a mask while inside the rink.
  • The home and away bench areas, the benches surrounding the perimeter of the rink, and the viewing stands across from the benches can be used by players to get dressed or undressed (helmet, gloves, and maybe uppers) before or after ice times.  Face masks must also be worn at all times in the rink area if these areas are used for getting dressed/undressed.  Folding chairs will also be available rink-side for players to tie skates.

On Ice Activities: Casco Bay Arena expects all associations/groups using CBA to adhere to each association’s specific guidelines for on-ice practices or games (e.g. Coaches’ use of mask on ice or on the bench).  Here are some CBA-specific rules:

  • During drills, all reasonable efforts shall be taken to space players out during drills, and some lines were installed on the glass to approximate line spacing during full or 1/2 –ice drills. 
  • As a default rule for on-ice coaching, any coaching that involves speaking to players at a distance closer than 6 feet shall be avoided if possible. 
  • Any use of whistles traditional whistles is NOT allowed. Only whistles that don’t require a coach or official to remove a mask to operate are allowed.
  • If the benches are used for practices, all players on the bench MUST be spaced at least 6 feet apart.  If that is not possible, players must wear masks while on the benches.  During games, distancing should be at the farthest practicable distance.
  • Checking or 1 on 1 contact drills are not allowed; all games shall be non-checking.
  • After every practice, players must immediately leave the ice , get skates, helmets and gloves removed, and exit the building ASAP following the traffic flow arrows.
  • When entering or existing the ice, all efforts must be made to keep players 6 feet apart to avoid congestion while waiting.


  • To the extent any CBA tenant or group uses CBA ice time for games, CBA requires that all mandates and guidelines from the local association or group, MEAHA, MPA, or USAHockey be followed at CBA. 
  • If not so mandated by the local association or group, MEAHA, MPA, or USAHockey, ALL non-players (coaches, TAs, scorekeepers) must wear masks at all times while in all areas of the rink, including the benches or scorer’s table.
  • If not so mandated by the local association or group, MEAHA, or USAHockey, all referees shall wear masks while on the ice or while present in any area of CBA.

What happens if a skater or household member has a positive test or is exposed to anyone with symptoms?  

1. Has your skater been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms (presumed positive) in the past 2 weeks?

  • If YES, the player must be withheld from team activities for 2 weeks after contact with that person.

2. In the past 2 weeks, has anyone in  your household tested positive for COVID-19 or is presumed positive?

  • If YES, the player is withheld from team activities for 2 weeks after contact with that person

3. Has anyone in your household been exposed to someone with COVID-19?  If YES:

  • COVID Test – If a player or coach has a member of their household that will be taking a COVID-19 test or is waiting on results of a test (due to symptoms or possible exposure) they should not be attending any hockey event until the test result comes back as negative.  If a player or coach is in quarantine because of exposure to someone with COVID-19 they must stay in quarantine for 14 days (a negative test does not end the quarantine.)
  • Household Quarantine – If a family member in your household is quarantined, a player or coach cannot attend any hockey events until the family member’s 14 day quarantine ends UNLESS: It has been at least five days since the family member(s) were exposed and after the fifth day that family member has a COVID 19 test and results of the test are negative.  This does not change the quarantine status of the family member.

4. How long does a player that tests positive for COVID 19 have to wait before returning to hockey?

  • At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
  • Symptoms have improved and
  • A doctor has certified the return for that player

5. What happens if multiple players on the same team test positive or have entered quarantine for exposure during a rolling 14-day period?

  • If three players on the same team have tested positive or are in quarantine (any combination of the two) that team would have to refrain from all hockey activities for two weeks.

Testing positive or entering into quarantine after participating in activities at Casco Bay Arena requires notification to Casco Bay Arena via or phone/text 207-632-9886 so that CBA can take whatever steps are necessary to notify others of possible exposure.

Casco Bay Arena will follow the guidance of the Maine CDC regarding notification and contact tracing.  Our intention is to be as candid and forthcoming as possible while respecting the privacy of every user of CBA.


USA Hockey Player Safety and Health:

Maine CDC:

Last updated 12/2/2020

For our players’ safety, ask yourself: “What would Dr. Shah do?” Follow the rules. Keep our players on the ice.