Snow Day Pond Hockey

A Snow Day has been declared for Thursday, February 16th.  The road conditions may be too hazardous to get to school, but resourceful hockey families always find a safe way to get to the Arena.

The cost is $10 or two CBCard punches.  These sessions are limited to players registered with USA Hockey.

To give our crew more time to clear the parking lot, we will not start pond hockey until 10:30 am.  If the lot does not appear to be cleared, please park in a spot to allow the plows to easily clear the lot.  The Snow Day Schedule is as follows:

Time Group
10:30 am Bantam & Pee Wee Pond Hockey
11:40 am Pee Wee & Squirts Pond Hockey
12:50 pm Squirts & Mites Pond Hockey
2:00 Mites & Learn to Play/Break the Ice (FREE) (Parents are welcome to skate, but must wear a helmet)

Squirts and younger must wear full equipment.  All games are played without goalies using box goals.

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