This Week at the Arena

Our Box Lacrosse Academy resumes after a hiatus over April Vacation and our Spring Box Lacrosse League starts this Sunday, April 24th.  To sign up for box lacrosse programs, please go to our Program Registration Page.

26515042881_2d58ba710d_o (1).jpgWe will also be holding pick-up futsal games on Tuesdays nights and will continue with our Wednesday night street hockey games.  Click here for more information regarding futsal.

Sunday, April 24th

9 am K-2 Box Lacrosse Academy and Boys & Girls Grades 3-4
10 am Open Floor for Casco Bay Box Lacrosse players
11 am Boys & Girls Grades 5-6
12 noon Boys Grades 7-8
1 pm Girls Grades 5-8

Tuesday, April 26th

5:30 pm K-2 Box Lacrosse Academy and Boys & Girls Grades 3-4
6:30 pm Boys & Girls Grades K-4 Futsal–$5 per player, release required
7:30 pm Boys & Girls Grades 5-8 Futsal–$5 per player, release required

Wednesday, April 27th

5:30 pm Boys & Girls LTP, Mites & Squirts Street Hockey–$5 per player
6:30 pm Boys & Girls PW, Bantam & Midget Street Hockey–$5 per player

Our box lacrosse sessions are scheduled to avoid conflicts with field lacrosse programs.  If you are wondering why your child should play box lacrosse, please listen to the advice of the best field lacrosse coaches.

Syracuse Head Coach John Desko put it best:  “All kids should play box lacrosse first.”  Click here for article.  Similarly, Bill Tierney, Head Coach of the NCAA Champion Denver University and former Head Coach of Princeton, opined:

I believe that box lacrosse gives young people many more opportunities to excel in our game.  If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of twelve play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time.  The number of touches of the ball and the ability to develop better stick skills in a game of box lacrosse, far surpasses what happens to young people on a 110 x 60 yard field.  Learning how to pass and catch in traffic, understanding how to shoot, and developing a sense of physicality are all positive traits developed by the box game.

Jaime Munro, former Head Coach at Denver noted:

If box lacrosse were played by kids in the U.S. the way it is played in Canada, it would completely change the complexion of the game in terms of the quality of play and the balance of power. The trend of competitive balance at the DI level would be expedited. Now, the game is growing faster than ever, but one doesn’t see improvement in players from certain regions as expected with such large growth. Box Lacrosse would change all of that. You don’t have to be a good coach to make kids be better players in the box. Like a great drill, it just happens.

Denver Assistant Coach Matt Brown talked about the impact that a single season had on a number of club players who did not make the top team.

When I first started the box program down here, I took a group of kids that didn’t make our field program and gave them an opportunity to play box lacrosse. I told them it would give them a chance to work on their skills, constantly have a ball in their stick, get better, and most importantly have a lot of fun doing it. They all bought into it. In literally one year – the following September – all those kids that didn’t make our fall field team but were doing box training, jumped and surpassed our field-only kids. The players and their parents couldn’t believe the improvements, and then everyone wanted to incorporate box lacrosse into their training

Click here for the entire interview with Matt Brown.

We look forward to seeing you at the Arena.

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