Casco Bay Box Lacrosse Spring Programs

It is hard to believe that we will be taking the ice out in less than two weeks.  Our final hockey sessions are on March 14th and we are making preparations for our off-season box lacrosse programs.  For more information regarding the programs, please go to our Programs Page or  For information on box lacrosse and the benefits of playing box for field lacrosse and hockey players, please go to our FAQ Page and our Hockey & Lacrosse Page.

For a listing of our spring box lacrosse programs, click on the age group you want.

At our Mites tournament this weekend, we will have a table for parents to sign-up for free Try Box Lacrosse along with information for parents.


Please see the illustration below regarding box lacrosse equipment.  Hard bicep pads and kidney/rib pads are recommended, but not necessary.  Those pads are only required for players in Grade 7 or older who are playing in our Summer Box Lacrosse League.  All other programs have modified checking rules or prohibit body checking.  To save money, hockey equipment may be used instead of lacrosse gear.

Runner gear
Box lacrosse equipment for runners

SHOES:  In box lacrosse, one of the most important pieces of equipment are a player’s shoes.  Players should wear basketball, indoor soccer or court shoes.  Any basketball or court shoe will work fine, but shoes with “gummy” soles are the best.

Players should not wear running shoes since they will not grip well and their higher center of gravity will make it easier to roll an ankle.  The absolute worst shoes to wear are Nike Roshes or shoes with similar soles.  They have the same gripping power as a pair of slippers.

The colors are pretty ugly from an adult perspective, but the Warrior Box 2.0 are a good example of a “gummy” sole.  There are a number of other brands and shoes that have similar soles, but again, any basketball or court shoe will work fine.

Box Shoes
We do not endorsing any brand. These shoes are merely being used as an example.

We will supply all box lacrosse goaltender equipment.  The photo below shows standard box lacrosse goaltender equipment.

Goalie gear

Spring Box Lacrosse Programs

March 19th-25th:  Free Try Box Lacrosse Week

Starting March 19th, we will be holding six days of free Try Box Lacrosse sessions.  There is no charge to participate, but for insurance purposes, players must join AAU, which only costs $14 per year.  Please go to our AAU Registration Page to sign up.  AAU membership will allow players to participate in all off-season sports at Casco Bay Arena.

On Friday Night, March 25th, we will be holding box lacrosse exhibition games at Casco Bay Arena.  The opening game at 6:00 pm will feature the first Girls’ Box Lacrosse Game played in Maine.  The girls will play the same game with the same equipment as the boys.

We are very excited about offering the first box lacrosse for girls.  All of our box lacrosse divisions up to Grade 7 are coed and we will be offering a Girls Only program for Grades 5-8.  Again, the girls will play the exact same game as the boys with the same equipment, but body checking will be prohibited similar to girls hockey rules.

In the second game at 7:30 pm, local Freshmen and Sophomore boys will face-off for ownership of the Dunbar Cup.  Both games should be exciting contests.

March 26th-April 14th:  Pre-Season Programs

Our Pre-Season Box Lacrosse Games start on March 26th. There are four age divisions and each division will play 8 games.  There is a limit of 28 players per age division.  The cost is only $80 and full-time goaltenders pay ½ price.  Please go to our Programs Page for the age divisions and the schedule.  Our master schedule can be found on our Schedule Page.  A Program Registration Page will be posted on this website no later than March 12th.

On March 27th, we will start the Casco Bay Box Lacrosse Academy.  This program is for boys and girls ages 5-8 and it is an introductory lacrosse program emphasizing fun.  It will be run similar to Casco Bay Hockey’s Break-the-Ice and Learn-to-Play programs.

Our Box Lacrosse Academy program will run through June 10th, but we will take a break during April school vacation.  The cost is only $150 for 20 total sessions because we want to do everything possible to encourage our younger players to come out on the floor.  This lower price also makes it less painful to miss a session. This price is consistent with our non-profit mission is to provide opportunities for youth athletes at an affordable and accessible price.

All players will receive a Casco Bay Box Lacrosse pinnie and Play It Again Sports Discount Card.  Players will need full equipment, but parents should not buy new lacrosse equipment right away.  Hockey helmets are actually preferred in box lacrosse and hockey shoulder pads and elbow pads are more than adequate to start.  Please see our equipment illustration at the end of this post for more information.

On the weekend of April 8th-10th, Yarmouth Lacrosse Boosters will be sponsoring the Second Annual Spear Memorial Cup & Curry Cup Box Lacrosse Tournament.  Town teams will battle for ownership of the Cups.  The Tournament has two age divisions (Grade 6-7 non-checking & Grade 7-8 checking) and is limited to 8 teams per division.  There is still room in the Tournament for local teams.  To register a team, please go to our Tournament Registration Page.

April 23rd-June 12th:  Spring Programs

After April school vacation, we will hold our Spring Box Lacrosse League on Sundays at the Arena.  Similar to our Pre-Season Program, there are four age divisions and each division will play 8 games.  There is a limit of 28 players per age division.  The cost is only $80 and full-time goaltenders pay ½ price.

We are limiting our programs to Sundays to avoid conflicts with field lacrosse programs and we will adjust our schedule if any conflicts arise.  A player’s town lacrosse team should always take precedence.

On Memorial Day Weekend, we will hold our Memorial Day Box Lacrosse Classic for Grades 3-8.  This tournament is still open for sponsorship.  Any local, non-profit lacrosse group looking to raise money for its youth program may apply to sponsor the tournament.  Please contact Tom Marjerison at for more information.

On June 24th-26th, we will be holding our 1st Annual AAU Select Box Lacrosse Tournament.  This is a competitive, “real box lacrosse” tournament for representative or select teams.

June 19th-August 15th:  Summer Leagues

Our AAU Summer Box Lacrosse League will run from June 21st—August 14th.  There will be six age divisions and games will be played during the week.  We recognize that many families have weekend plans during the summer and we want to minimize any scheduling conflicts.

This is a competitive, “real box lacrosse” league with a final weekend of playoffs and Championship Cup.  Players may register individually or may register as a team.

We look forward to seeing you at Casco Bay Arena.

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