Plenty of Pond Hockey at CBA

WINTER WEATHER ALERT:  Hockey is a winter sport.  The Arena will only close due to the most extreme weather.  Drive safely. 

Greg Kamra makes the save on Portland’s Walt Lewandowski in a recent JV game at CBA

In conjunction with Falmouth Community Services, we will be offering a FREE Learn to Play Session on Martin Luther King Day at 2 pm.  This session is free to anyone under the age of 12 who would like to try hockey.  Players only need skates, a stick and a helmet–a bike or ski helmet will suffice.  We will have extra sticks and helmets available for use. Please spread the word and help us grow the game. If a current Casco Bay player brings a friend to a Learn to Play Session, they can also skate for free.

Casco Bay coaches and players will be on hand to work with new players and introduce them to the greatest game  in the world.  Advance sign-ups are not necessary and players just need to show up.

This week we will have sessions for players and parents to skate together.  All parents must wear a helmet.  Our Pick-up & Pond Hockey schedule for the next week is as follows:

Wednesday, January 13th

9:00 pm Parents & Coaches Pick-up Hockey ($10 or CBCard)

Saturday, January 16th   

7:00 am Bantam & PW Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)
6:40 pm Squirts & Mites Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)
7:50 pm Bantam & PW Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)

Sunday, January 17th

7:00 am All Ages Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)
9:20 am Learn to Play & Break the Ice & Parents Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players & Parents) (Parents must wear a helmet)
10:30 am Midget & Bantam Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)
3:10 pm Mites & Parents Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players & Parents) (Parents must wear a helmet)
4:20 pm Squirts & Parents Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players) (Parents must wear a helmet)
5:30 pm Bantam & PW Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)

MLK Day, Monday, January 18th

8:00 am Midget & Bantam Pond Hockey ($10 or CBCard)
9:20 am Pee Wee Pond Hockey ($10 or CBCard)
10:30 am Squirts Pond Hockey($10 or CBCard)
11:40 am Mites Pond Hockey ($10 or CBCard)
12:50 pm CB Academy Pond Hockey ($10 or CBCard)
2:00 pm FREE Learn to Play Program

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