Additional Pond Hockey Sessions

20975732734_39d7981dae_oWe have added additional pond hockey sessions this weekend.  All of these sessions are free for Casco Bay players.  In the interests of safety, we are requiring that all Squirts players and younger wear full equipment for all future pond hockey sessions.

Saturday, December 5th

7:00 am Coed Bantam & PW Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)
3:10 pm Coed Mites Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)  CANCELLED
5:30 pm Coed Mites & Squirts Pond Hockey (Free for CB players)
9:00 pm Coaches & Parents Pick-up Hockey–CANCELLED

Sunday, December 6th

7:00 am Coed Midget, Bantam & PW Pond Hockey (Free for CB Players)

Our skate sharpening machine is up-and-running, we are fully stocked with tape and other products, and our WiFi has also been installed.  The NHL Network should be running on our TV shortly.  For the costs of other items, please click on the Price List.  Skate sharpening costs one CBCard punch.

Team Administrators and Division Directors will be collecting pledge sheets and we will start installing team photos in Locker Rooms #1 & #2.  Any teams that have 100% participation in the pledge drive will have their team photo installed in the locker room where it will remain in perpetuity.  Pledges from a family count for all of that family’s players and teams, past and present.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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