Veterans’ Day Pond Hockey

We will have a series of Pond Hockey sessions next Wednesday at the Arena.  Coach Sam Johnson will run the sessions, but if any Casco Bay coaches are available, their assistance on the ice would be appreciated.


We will be following our standard Snow Day schedule.  This schedule will be the same for any Snow Day, Vacation or Holiday Pond Hockey sessions.  Just click on the session you want to play in, sign up on Google Docs and remember to bring your CBCard (two punches) or $10 for the session.  These sessions are restricted to players registered with USA Hockey.

Pond Hockey on Veterans’ Day, Wednesday, November 11th

Pond Hockey is played without goalies and with standard pond hockey goals in a cross-ice format.  Teams of up to 6 players will be formed and we will play 3 v 3 or 2 v 2 depending on the number of players at the session.

For pond hockey sessions, players do not need to wear full pads, but a protective cup and shin pads are strongly recommended since saucer passes are allowed (ie soft passes off the ice).  Hard passes off the ice are not allowed, but deflections should be expected by all players.  Protect your anatomy accordingly.

As with all sessions, players 18 years-old and younger must wear a helmet with full mask, and adults must wear a helmet, but are strongly encouraged to wear a full mask.

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