Casco Bay Arena to Host High School Girls Pre-Season Games

Casco Bay 2014-15 U12 Girls New England Championship Team
Casco Bay’s 2014-15 U12 Girls New England Championship Team

The Casco Bay Arena will be hosting pre-season games for High School girls during the week of October 26th.  8th-grade girls may also play in this program if there are open spots.  If they sign up prior to October 19th, High School girls will get priority for roster spots.

There will be two sessions, which will be limited to 20 skaters and 3 goalies per session.  The cost is $40 per skater and $20 per goalie.  To sign up for the program, click on the Group you wish to play in, and you will directed to a sign-up sheet.

Girls Group I:     Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4:20 pm

Girls Group II:   Tuesday & Thursday at 3:10 pm, and Friday at 5:30 pm

Please bring a check made payable to “Casco Bay Arena” and a signed Release & Indemnity Agreement to the first session.

This program will fill up quickly, and we are not able to expand the rosters.  Teams will be set before each game by the referee.  Players will need a black jersey and white jersey for games.

We may add an additional session if there are enough skaters to fill the rosters.  We will also be offering pick-up hockey for high school players during the week.  Please check out our Pick-up and Pond Hockey Sessions and Registration Page to register for any sessions.  For our pick-up and pond hockey sessions, girls may play in any boys sessions.

To receive weekly, up-to-date listings of Pick-up & Pond Hockey Sessions, please go to our Home Page, enter your email on the right side bar, and click on the Follow button. You will receive a weekly email listing the sessions.

Due to the boys season starting two weeks later than the girls season, Casco Bay Hockey Association will be sponsoring boys pre-season games during the week of October 26th and a pre-season camp from November 2-13.  To register, go to the Casco Bay Hockey website.

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