The Most Energy-Efficient Rink in Maine

The Arena's Solar PV panels.
The Arena’s solar photovoltaic panels.

The combination of old-school design and new technology will make the Casco Bay Arena the most energy-efficient rink in the State of Maine.

Casco Bay Arena will have LED lighting and a 72kW solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system to provide an estimated 85,104 kW hours of electricity per year for the Arena.  Due to the lack of active conditioning, our arena’s chiller will use less energy for the simple reason that we will not be attempting to heat and dehumidify the rink environment while also trying to maintain a cold ice surface.  We anticipate there will be long stretches during which we will not need to run our chiller due to ambient temperatures in the Arena.

In the summer months, the chiller will not be in use and the energy generated by the PV systems will support the electrical grid during its time of greatest stress.  The combination of a solar PV system and the lack of active conditioning of the arena should result in net-zero electrical use.  This system will control our operational costs while also being environmentally sustainable.

We want to extend our thanks to Phil Coupe and the crew at Revision Energy for their hard work in the installing our PV system, and their financial support for the Arena project.

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