New Fundraising Initiative–Be Part of Casco Bay History

Although large donations are always appreciated, a donation in any amount is very important.  Casco Bay Hockey is a family, and we want to have as many names as possible on the plaque in the lobby.

Every donor, regardless of the size of the contribution, will be listed on the lobby plaque.  We want to send a message that the Casco Bay Arena is supported and made possible by a large number of families regardless of financial circumstances.

We are also starting a team-based fundraising initiative.  Every team that has 100% participation in our fundraising campaing–regardless of the amount raised–will have its team photo permanently displayed in one of the locker rooms.

This Fundaising Initiative is a way for every Casco Bay family to put their name (and their face) on the new Casco Bay Arena.

We appreciate your generosity.

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