Casco Bay Box Lacrosse

The Aena will be hosting a box lacrosse programs during the off-season.  The Arena floor will be fully lined for box lacrosse games and we will have a variety of playing options.  Information about upcoming box lacrosse programs and registration links will be posted at

2016 Evans Spear Memorial Cup Champion Greely Rangers

As Canada’s official national sports, box lacrosse and hockey have a rich history. Thousands of past and present NHL players honed their hockey skills through box lacrosse.   As Wayne Gretzky noted:

If a sport has a high point of the year, it must be the first week of spring. When I was growing up, I used to love this time of year. It was when I put my hockey equipment away and I was absolutely ecstatic to see the end of the hockey season.  I could hardly wait to get my lacrosse stick out and start throwing the ball against the walls and working on our moves as we played the lacrosse equivalent to road hockey.

All the good hockey players seemed to play lacrosse in those days and every one of them learned something from the game to carry over to the other.

 Can you find Wayne Gretzky or Walter Gretzky in this team picture?

Gretzky Team Photo

NHL Hall of Famers, #42 Joe Niewendyk and #25 Gary Roberts, were members of the 1985 Junior A Champions.
Hall of Famer #42 Joe Nieuwendyk and #25 Gary Roberts were members of the 1985 Junior A Champions

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