Falmouth wins 2015-16 Casavant Memorial Cup
Team W L T Win %
St. Dom’s/Biddeford
Falmouth/Cape Elizabeth
Thornton Academy
Mt. Ararat/Lisbon

Supplemental Discipline Rules

  1. If a player receives a second 10-minute misconduct penalty in a game, that player shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty.
  2. In addition to any sanction under school or Maine Principals’ Association rules, if any player receives a game misconduct or any penalty after the conclusion of a game, that player shall be suspended for one game and may not return to play until the player meets with his school’s athletic director and is cleared to return to play.
  3. If the school’s athletic director has met with the player and feels the player should be allowed to participate in future games, the athletic director shall send an email to confirming that the athletic director has met with the player and agrees that the player should be allowed to resume play.
  4. Any player who receives a second game misconduct or post-game penalty in a season shall receive a minimum suspension of three games and may not return to play until he meets with his school’s athletic director and is cleared to return to play by the school’s athletic director.
  5. Any player who receives a third game misconduct or post-game penalty in a season shall be banned from all further participation in the Junior Varsity League.
  6. The intent of this rule is to avoid cheap, unsportsmanlike behavior from players, and to encourage respect for the best traditions of the game.  Coaches have the responsibility for ensuring this rule is followed and we have full confidence that the athletic directors will educate and correct any such behavior from players.


  1. All complaints, scheduling changes and other communications with Casco Bay Arena must be made through the Athletic Director and not directly by coaches to avoid any miscommunications.
  2. Any complaints about teams using ineligible or non-Junior Varsity players must be addressed and resolved by the Athletic Directors for the teams.
  3. Any complaints about referees must include the referee assigner and may be shared with the referees that are  the subject of the complaint.

Team Responsibilities

  1. The Home Team is responsible for providing :
    • score-sheet;
    • timekeeper;
    • referees; and,
    • certified athletic trainer.
  2. The Home Team is also responsible for emailing the game sheet and score to  
  3. The Visiting Team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper to assist the timekeeper.
  4. Each team should bring their own pucks for warm-ups.


  1. The Official Game Schedule can be found on our Schedule Page.  If there is any inadvertent conflict with the rink calendar, the Schedule Page takes precedence and is the controlling schedule.
  2. Teams will play a  twelve-game regular season followed by a single-elimination Playoff.  In the Playoffs, each team will play 1-3 games.  There will be no consolation games.
  3. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams will play for the Casavant Memorial Cup and the bottom six teams will play for the Wakelin Cup.  There will be play-in games for the Wakelin Cup.


  1. The standings will be determined by winning percentage, and the tie-breaker is in the following order:
    • best records against teams with a record of .500 or higher
    • lowest goals against;
    • best goal differential;
    • highest goals for; and,
    • league’s discretion as to which team played most competitively against the strongest opponents.
  2. To be eligible for the Playoffs, a player (other than a goaltender or Freshman player) must have played in 50% or more of the games during the season unless the player was injured and unable to play.  Freshmen and goaltenders are eligible to play in the Championship Round regardless of the number of league games they have played.  This rule shall be enforced by each team’s Athletic Director in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Overtime Rules in Playoff Games

  1. In Playoff games, if the game is tied after regulation time has expired, there will be an eight-minute, sudden-death period of 3 v 3 hockey (3 skaters and a goalie) with teams defending their home net (same net they defended in first and third periods) for the overtime period. There will not be an ice cleaning between regulation time and the overtime period.
  2. Similar to National Hockey League rules, if a team incurs a penalty, the format will change to 4 v 3 hockey until a stop in play following expiration of the penalty.  A team will never play with less than 3 skaters and a goalie.
  3. If the game remains tied after the expiration of overtime, teams will proceed to a three-round (three players) shoot-out with the visiting team shooting first, followed by a sudden death shoot-out with each team having an opportunity to shoot in each round.  For ease of reference, this is the same format (three rounds followed by sudden-death shootout) used in the National Hockey League.
  4. Every skater must shoot in the shoot-out before a player may shoot a second-time.  Goaltenders may switch during the shoot-out.


  1. After teams submit their blackout date requests and the schedule is set, the schedule may not be altered. There are no ice “give-backs” or refunds once the schedule is set.
  2. Casco Bay Arena will only be closed due to the most extreme weather conditions. After all, hockey is a winter sport. We will usually be open even if school is cancelled.
  3. If the coaches for both teams feel that the weather conditions require cancellation, the home team is responsible for rescheduling the game and the costs of rescheduling will be split by the teams. Teams may reschedule weather-cancelled games for any open Saturday night game slot.  If the game is not rescheduled, it will be considered a tie for standings purposes. The teams may use that hour of cancelled game ice at Casco Bay Arena for any purpose to keep it from being wasted (players may show up and skate).
  4. If only one team wishes to cancel a game due to weather or for any other reason, the team cancelling the game shall be responsible for rescheduling the game at its own cost.  If the game is not rescheduled, the non-cancelling team shall be credited with a 1-0 win for standings purposes.  The non-cancelling team may use that hour of cancelled game ice for any purpose to keep it from being wasted.
  5. If a game is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the Home Team to notify Greg Dumais (referees)  so that referees


  1. If a team forfeits a game with less than 96 hours notice, the forfeiting team must pay a sanction of $100 to their opponent. If a team forfeits a game with less than 48 hours notice, the forfeiting team must pay a sanction of $200 to their opponent.  Any opponent may waive payment of the sanction penalty if they so choose.  Casco Bay Arena will not be involved in any disputes regarding forfeits.
  2. Any team that forfeits three games or more is not eligible for the Playoffs unless the majority of the Athletic Directors agree that the team should be included.

Contacts for each team are listed below:

Falmouth/Cape James Coffey (AD),

Jeff Thoreck (AD),

Joe Hetrick (Coach),

St. Dom’s/Biddeford John Yorkey (AD),

Robert Parker (Coach)

Jason Tremblay (Coach),

Maranacook Jack Rioux (Coach),
Gorham Chris Roop (JV Coach)

Tim Spear (AD)

Joe Curesky (Coach)

Thornton Gary Stevens (AD),

Kevin Burton (Coach),

 Greely Brad Leighton (JV Coach),

David Shapiro (AD);

Barry Mothes (Coach),

Chris Kennedy,

SoPo/Free/Wayn Todd Livingston (AD),;
Portland/Deering Melanie Craig (AD),

Robert O’Leary (AD),

Mt. Ararat/Lisbon Geoffrey Godo (AD),;

AJ Kavanaugh (Coach)

Yarmouth/Greely Susan Robbins (AD),

Dave St. Pierre (Coach),

Referee Scheduling:  Greg Dumais,

Trainers:  Travis Carignan,

League Administration: Joe Morrill,; Tom Marjerison,